Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kindle Versus Paperback at Disney World

Much to my great sorrow I have returned from Disney World exchanging temperatures of around 80 for snow and temperatures around 50.  I miss Florida already, dangit.   However, while there I was able to make some interesting observations about paperbacks and the Kindle so I thought I’d share.

The Kindle

Truthfully I only saw one person with a Kindle during the whole vacation.  He was a middle aged business sort reading on the plane.  The Kindle always strikes me as being a pretty unit and the clarity of the pages was good even from my seat.  The interesting bit which had never struck me before was that the airline made him turn his Kindle OFF until we were at cruising altitudes and again on landing.  The Kindle counts as one of those sneaky electronic devices which might take the plane over and launch it into the sun.  The single device was much smaller than my stack of books and he didn’t seem to have to juggle it around to catch the right light nearly as much.  It seemed an enjoyable way to read, but I wasn’t sure it was worth the price tag for the device much less the cost of books on top of it.

Why Paperback?

One of the selling points of the Kindle is how easy it is to take on vacation and have all your books with you in one compact package.  My sweetie and I spent at least 20 minutes sorting through books and trying to decide which ones could come in the luggage.  We each ended up with four and both finished most of what we’d brought.  We’re both lovers of mass market paperbacks for their size and weight.  Mass markets fit neatly in a bag, purse, jacket or random jacket and they have enough bend to them that if they’re in a bag which gets shoved under the seat of a rollercoaster there’s no harm done.  I also like the price point which means if there’s a water explosion (Like when you go on Splash Mountain and the entire car gets soaked) it’s only 8 dollars to replace.  This seemed to be a shared viewpoint as I saw people reading at the airport, on the plane, in lines at Disney, on the busses and pretty much anywhere where waiting was required.  We were in several lines for over an hour a piece and having a book at hand made the wait time go by much more quickly.

The Conclusion

All in all I think there are a lot of interesting features in the Kindle, but for my vacation bang for my buck the paperback still comes out on top.


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