Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I’m Skitzophrenic and so am I…

In the past couple of weeks I have discovered two new things which I’m not so sure I should have discovered. The first is FaceBook and the second is Twitter. I got involved in these social networks because I had friends there and because they keep coming up as good ways to promote books, blogs and other creative efforts. I agree they’re a good way to get the word out, but I admit they are also making me feel rather scattered.

Both of these social networks are like having children who keep calling your name and tugging on your sleeve. They want you to interact and play together and check in every 34 minutes because something might be updated. There’s pressure to publish and post and I’m not sure my brain can take it on top of everything else I do all the time. I find it interesting how we often complain as writers about ‘writer’s block’ or being creatively stimied, but I look at the world around us and what is expected from us and sometimes I wonder if it’s not block so much as not being able to hear ourselves think above the din?

What about you, gentle reader? Have you joined up? Are you able to resist the siren song of just one more tweet when you really need to get other stuff done, or are you weak and must you complete your turn in Tiny Dungeons and Dragons?


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