Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fantasy Games: Once Upon a Time

I bought myself a great writer’s (or reader’s) game called “Once Upon a Time“. This is a game that takes standard fairy tale elements (or darker elements with the Dark Tales expansion), and turns it into a fun group storytelling game. The players have to take turns telling a story, using the elements of their tales and try to be the first to reach their “Happily Ever After” card, but other players can hijack the tale and become the new storyteller. In the end, you have an inspired or sometimes zany fairy tale story and a lot of laughs!

I love the inspiration the cards can provide, as well. They have place, story element, and character cards so they can offer a bit of chance if you’re looking for an element to add to a blocked tale, or looking for something to start filling a blank page. They also are good practice for telling succinct tales and learning to create a cohesive story out of disparate elements.

Finally it’s good social fun! You can make it as silly or as literary as you want. My friends and I will sometimes put a requirement like, “You have to include the first character in the whole story” or similar to add a degree of literary difficulty.

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