Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Types of Fantasy

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

I have recovered, at least mostly, from the gluttony of Thanksgiving.  There is still enough turkey for leftover sammiches and enough whipping cream to do something interesting with…maybe chocolate centers.

Anyway, as K brought up this is Fantasy December, which lead me to the thought we should likely define just what kind of fantasy we’re referring to.  The problem is that fantasy is a large umbrella with a lot of different children underneath it.  Urban Fantasy, which we featured in October, is a type of fantasy.  So are many historical fiction books.  So just to give us some limits most of what we’ll deal with this month will be classic epic fantasy, sword and sorcery fantasy and a lot of what’s in between.  Fairytales we’ll save for another month and historical fantasy we’ll touch on, but prolly give that a more full treatment later.

So in brief:  For epic fantasy think Lord of the Rings, or Eye of the World. Sword and sorcery refers to things such as the Thieves world books or Conan and the in between…well, we’ll explore that ground as we come to it.

As was the case before we want to encourage discussion so those who comment will be eligible to win various prizes through the month.  I have no idea exactly which prizes yet, but the month is young.


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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Hiya folks!

I’m back from Tucson, Arizona and seeing family. Arizona was officially the 20th state I’ve visited, which was a fun number to reach! I really enjoyed the weather and the scenery, but I’m glad to be home. Anyway… it’s December 1st which kicks off a month of Fantasy reviews, fantasy themed blogs and interviews with some great authors. I’m really excited about our current line-up, and we hope to add a few more as the month progresses.

Tune in on Fridays this month for some great author interviews, and rumor has it we’re in a Giving Mood again for the season.

To kick off Fantasy December I’d like to know who your favorite fantasy authors are. Some of my favorites are Tamora Pierce, Meredith Ann Pierce, Brian Jacques, George R. R. Martin and Juliet Marillier.

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